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Company Info:   We are a privately owned  California, Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area based firm dedicated exclusively to providing Trust and Estate Administration Services.  While we are a United States, California based Trust and Estate Services firm, we actively serve clients in several other US States such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Texas and also internationally in Mexico and Guatemala, with past cases that involved probate or trust matters in England, Germany, Norway and Greece.


Client Centered and Team Oriented Trust & Estate Professionals:    We are committed to working in partnership & harmony with our  clients and their team of advisers that often include Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, Wealth Advisers, Insurance Agents, CPAs,  Enrolled Agents, Care Managers, Bank Trust Officers and Other Professionals in order to preserve & protect client assets and also best  serve the needs of clients, their children & beneficiaries of the respective Trusts or Estates, often involving multiple generations of clients.


Capacities served by our Licensed California Professional Fiduciaries and National Certified Guardians include:

  • Trustee, Special Needs Trustee, Executor, Corporate Officer, Attorney in Fact, Agent for Health
  • Court Appointments as Trustee, Special Needs Trustee, Executor, Receiver in Probate Courts & Civil Courts
  • Court Appointment as Guardian Ad Litem & Trustee in Workers Compensation Courts
  • Ability to be appointed to serve as Successor Trustee, Executor, Attorney in Fact, Agent or Corporate Officer for future client needs (no charge to client until such time as the need to serve arises)

Additional areas of knowledge & skill includes:

  • Complex & Litigated Trust, Estate, Corporate Administration Services Including Negotiations & Settlements
  • Special Needs Trust (SNT) Administration, Incapacitated Persons & Minors Compromise Settlements involving Personal Injury Litigation Matters, Structured Settlements, Third party SNTs, Medi-Cal/Medic-Aid SNTs, and Medicare Set Aside SNTs
  • Ability to serve as Trustee or Other Fiduciary Capacities in Foreign or Out of State Jurisdictions as permitted under Local or International Law
  • Foreign Language ability that includes staff fluent in Spanish, French, German and Romanian.
  • Additional languages are available via outside consultants
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Office Address:    Please call or email us for the physical address if needed.

Legal Disclaimer:    This company is not a Law or Tax Office and none of their firm's staff or members are Attorneys, CPAs or Enrolled Agents.  Consequently no information contained on this page or provided by anyone from this firm is to be used or acted upon as legal or tax advice.   Additionally this firm does not provide investment management services and only does so through the services of Licensed Outside Investment Managers, Certified Financial Planners, Registered Investment Advisers or other Licensed & Qualified Persons as directed by the client.   Furthermore most fiduciary capacities in which members of this firm are asked to serve in will require that an Attorney be retained to represent them.  Other professionals such as Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Geriatric Care Managers, Doctors, Caregivers, Nurses and other professionals may need to be retained for the client's benefit on a case by case basis.

Professional Fiduciaries are licensed and regulated 
by the California Professional Fiduciaries Bureau
 Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Telephone: (916) 574-7340
Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Website:   www.fiduciary.ca.gov