NOTICE TO CONSUMERS:  Mr. Mircea Dragomir (License #188) & Mrs. Brenda Dragomir (License #655) are Professional Fiduciaries licensed by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau with the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Telephone (916) 574-7340; Website:


Legal Disclaimers:    This company is NOT a Law Office, Tax Office or Investment Firm.  Consequently no information contained on this page or provided by anyone from this firm is to be used or acted upon as legal, tax or investment advice .  All Fiduciary capacities in which members of this firm serve in require an Attorney be retained to represent them.  Other professionals such as Tax Advisers, Investment Managers, Geriatric Care Managers, Doctors, Caregivers, Nurses and other professionals will be retained as required.  Professional Fiduciaries may be required to be bonded for the liquid assets under management if so requested by the Client, the Court or the Client's attorney. The cost of the bond will be paid directly from the client's account (trust, estate or other).


Who we are & how we can help:  We are Client Centered and Team Oriented Trust & Estate Professionals that work in Partnership with our Clients and their Advisory Team of Attorneys, Investment Managers, Care Managers, Property Managers and Other Professionals in order to Serve & Protect our Clients and also Prudently & Efficiently manage their assets both for them and future beneficiaries.


Services Provided are as:  Trustee, Attorney in Fact, Agent for Health, Corporate Officer; Trustee of Special Needs Trusts, Medi-Cal Special Needs Trusts for Court Ordered Compromise Settlements, Court Appointed Executor or Special Administrator; Trustee & Guardian Ad Litem for Court Ordered Compromise Settlements in Workers Compensation Court


Professional Services Rates:  The greater of either the sum total of the below hourly fees or the following percentage fees shall apply, with the Annual percentage fees calculated and billed monthly in arrears on the monthly Fair Market Value of Assets (FMVA): 

  • Percentage Fees:  0.75% of FMVA for the first $10 Million; 0.50% for FMVA of the next $10 Million; 0.25% for the FMVA above $20 Million
  • Hourly Fees: The below hourly rates are to be increased annually per the percentage increase info published by the United States Bureau of Labor for “Changing Compensation Costs in the San Jose Metropolitan Area – Total Compensation Costs for Private Industry Workers”:   

$185/hour California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and National Certified Guardian Rate

$105/hour Client Account Manager Services Rate;

$95/hour  Office Manager/Project Manager Rate;   

$85/hour  Administrative Services & Clerical Support Services Rate

$400/hour Complex Services, Litigation, Testimony Services, International Fiduciary Services Rate


Costs:  In-house costs for materials, routine copies, filing, faxes, correspondence, emails, electronic file management and reports are billed to the client at 6% of the client’s total billed time for services rendered. Other Client costs such as Bonding, Postage/Shipping, Historical File Archiving, Electronic Conversion, Storage, Insurance, Travel & Other Out of Pocket costs will be itemized & passed through to the client at cost or paid directly from client funds.


Transactional Services Rate:  In addition to the above rates, a one-time risk based fee of 1% of the Fair Market Value (FMV) shall be charged for the current & future risk and liability assumed by this office (often spanning multiple years after the conclusion of a case) in matters negotiated and/or resolved regarding the following: Sale/Purchase of Real Estate and Business Entities; Obtaining Loans (R/E, Business or other Loans); Lease Agreement Negotiations; Settlement of Litigation Matters; Collection Services of Complex or Special Assets, including but not limited to sale, access, control & possession of foreign assets, businesses, patents, royalties, intellectual property or similar out of the ordinary matters.


Document Retention/Destruction Policy:  Three(3) years after the closure/discharge by the client or court from a case, ALL retained case records, client records, emails and files be they physical, electronic or in any other format, will be securely deleted, shredded, securely erased or otherwise destroyed and deemed to be unrecoverable.


Limits of Liability, Acts of God, Disclaimer & Waiver: This office will take the best possible care in performing its duties but it is agreed & understood that certain matters are beyond our control, including but not limited to delays due to acts of God, weather, power outages, interruption of telephone & internet service, computer malfunctions & delays caused by others. Provided that this office exercises ordinary care in its fiduciary duties, clients & their successors waive any claims for damages resulting from any acts or omissions, except for damage or injury resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct.


Office Address for Meetings, FedEx or UPS only:  901 Campisi Way, Suite 330, Campbell CA 95008